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Fall 2019 Game Schedule

Below is the Fall 2019 game schedule (regular season) for the first 2 weeks.  NYS will give us the remainder of the schedule over the next week. This schedule is subject to change so please ask your coaches prior to each game to ensure accurate information.  Times shown are kick-off times so ask coaches about when the players should be on site.  Most coaches will ask that kids are ready 90 minutes prior to kick-off so be sure to talk to your coaches.  Please also pay attention to locations as not all teams play in the same location.  Each week is sorted by time not team.  Playoff schedule will come later in the season!

Remember we have 4 teams:
10U - Coach Goble
12U - Coach Salazar
12U (Weighted) - Coach Shannon
14U - Coach Boates

Week 1 (9/14/2019)
Team Time OpponentLocation
 Sabercats 12U 9:00 AM AZ Saints  Horizon High School
 Sabercats 10U -- BYE -- -- BYE -- -- BYE --
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) -- BYE -- -- BYE -- -- BYE --
 Sabercats 14U -- BYE -- -- BYE -- -- BYE --

Week 2 (9/21/2019)
 Sabercats 10U 12:00 PM Predators Kellis High School
 Sabercats 12U 1:30 PM Outcast  Valley Vista High School
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 5:00 PM WV Spartans Shadow Ridge High School
 Sabercats 14U 7:00 PM CWS Eagles Horizon High School

Week 3 (9/28/2019)
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 11:30 AM Jr. Huskies Horizon High School
 Sabercats 10U 3:15 PM S. Phx Trojans  Horizon High School
 Sabercats 14U 3:30 PM Outcast Valley Vista High School
 Sabercats 12U -- BYE -- -- BYE -- -- BYE --

Week 4 (10/5/2019)
 Sabercats 10U 10:00 AM Tempe Buffs Desert Mountain High School (Practice Field)
 Sabercats 12U 11:45 AM Raiders  Desert Mountain High School
 Sabercats 14U 3:00 PM Jacks Horizon High School
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 4:00 PM Toros Stapley Jr. High School

Week 5 (10/12/2019)
 Sabercats 10U 8:00 AM Chandler Bears Kellis High School (Practice Field)
 Sabercats 14U 8:00 AM Devilbacks  Kellis High School
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 10:00 AM Devilbacks Kellis High School
 Sabercats 12U 1:30 PM AZ Longhorns  Millennium High School

Week 6 (10/19/2019)
 Sabercats 14U 8:00 AM Argonauts Saguaro High School
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 10:00 AM Argonauts Saguaro High School
 Sabercats 12U 11:45 AM Ruff Ryders Horizon High School
 Sabercats 10U 1:45 PM Hooligans  Horizon High School

Week 7 (10/26/2019)
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 8:00 AM AZ Predators Kellis High School
 Sabercats 12U 11:30 AM AZ Bandits Westview High School
 Sabercats 14U 3:15 PM Stingers Desert Mountain High School
 Sabercats 10U 3:30 PM Scorpions  Horizon High School

Week 8 (11/2/2019)
 Sabercats 14U 8:00 AM Outcast Valley Vista High School
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 10:30 AM Argonauts Saguaro High School
 Sabercats 10U 11:45 PM Trojans  Chaparral High School
 Sabercats 12U 1:30 PM Ruff Ryders  Chaparral High School

Week 9 (11/9/2019)
 Sabercats 10U 8:00 AM AZ Predators Kellis High School (Practice Field)
 Sabercats 12U (Weighted) 11:45 AM S. Phx Fire  Betty Fairfax High School
 Sabercats 12U 3:30 PM Raiders  Kellis High School 
 Sabercats 14U 5:00 PM AZ Krush  Horizon High School

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